UNLV Completes Half-billion Dollar Capital Campaign

Posted July 31, 2012 ·

The Challenge: Inspiring the Board to Complete a Half-billion Dollar Capital Campaign

University of Nevada Las Vegas In 2007, the UNLV Foundation was facing multiple challenges: to complete a half billion dollar capital campaign in the worst economic downturn in Las Vegas history and to develop a trusting and robust relationship between a new President and the University’s key volunteers.  The officers of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees recognized the need to re-engage and energize the Board during this time of challenge.

Gonser Gerber, with their 60 years of experience in advancement provided the valuable expertise to lead the Board, University senior administration, and senior Foundation staff through our first ever Board Retreat.  Working together we were able to reaffirm our mission and affirm support for the President’s vision for the University. Momentum from the retreat was directly responsible in the successful conclusion of the campaign.

“The expertise Gonser Gerber brought to the process of preparing for and facilitating our retreat was invaluable.  Their ability to work collaboratively with staff to prepare, survey, and interview Board members to address their needs and concerns, and lead lively and engaging conversations produced an outcome of a reinvigorated Board focused on success.”

Nancy Strouse
Senior Associate Vice President for Development, Executive Director
UNLV Foundation