Bulletin on Advancement

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The Bulletin on Advancement is published four times annually: twice a year as our electronic Bulletin, and mailed as a hard copy twice a year. As a service to the advancement profession, we have published the Bulletin on Advancement for over 60 years and continue to do so without charge.

We hope you will share with us your feedback regarding this format and share our Bulletin with your colleagues and others in the profession.

The purpose of the Bulletin on Advancement is to advance the field of advancement through education. Each edition is themed around a particular topic of importance to advancement professionals. Archived editions of the Bulletin on Advancement are provided below.

April 2017 – 5 Essential Storytelling Tips That Will Raise More Money


November 2016- Achieving Authentic Engagement: The Key to Raising More Money


March 2016 – “Great Governing Boards”


October 2015 – Understanding or Emphasizing:  Best Approaches to Donor Engagement


January 2015 – Achieving “Donor Resonance” In 2015


September 2014 – “Engaging Advisory Boards”